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Glen Miranker, "Sherlock Holmes in the Trenches"

Glen Miranker, "Sherlock Holmes in the Trenches"

The centennial of World War I is a reminder to study and remember this event, and honor its dead. Sherlock Holmes was largely absent from Arthur Conan Doyle’s writing during the war years; he had turned his attention to writing about the war and championing causes for soldiers at the front.

Nevertheless the Great Detective figured prominently in the trenches, playing a key role in the Great War. Not as Holmes exactly, but as a ubiquitous character in the literature and the dramatic entertainments of the trenches. This literary outpouring has more than bibliographic significance. The appropriation of Sherlock Holmes was a special form of solace, both for the soldiers who wrote and printed the pastiches, and for their readers. Glen Miranker will explore Holmes’ role in trench magazines–unique publications that largely originated at the front and that should not be forgotten.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018
5:30pm - 7:30pm
BLC Macksey Seminar Room 2043
Homewood Campus
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Gabrielle Dean